Monday, June 6, 2011

A new day, ahhh!

How blessed I am to have friends that I share intimate life experiences with, but after weeks of hearing their trials with children, husbands, neighbors, family, and life in general my heart was feeling sad. I went to the temple on Saturday night and had the chance to do initiatory work and be blessed and uplifted. I always walk away saying "why don't I come more often?" and this was no different. I went into my fast Sunday remembering what I heard and how I felt, and in RS they had a beautiful lesson with this theme:

I loved it and sent it to the women I adore! With this as my focus I keep turning to myself, my physical trials, and how with the Lord all things are possible. I have a wonderful husband who is supportive but does NOT want me to injure myself. This is so sweet, but inside myself I have to PUSH, I know I can, I know HE will help. I have NOT been able to find my iPod and have use that as an excuse, but today is officially DAY 1 of WEEK 1 for the Ragnar training, I put on my shoes, my clothes, pulled my hair back, stretched and hit the road for my 15 minutes!

UGH I hate seeing pictures of myself, but pictures are taken anyway so I am using this to motivate myself even further! I went 1 mile :P one lousy mile! It was uphill going, and downhill coming back, the wind was blowing, I was huffing like a steam engine, but I did it! It is harder than the elyptical, harder than the treadmill, the actual road and elements is what I NEED to train with or I just know I will not be ready...but instead I WILL BE!
I came home to ice the knees, and blog about it, and in the seat cushion of my chair I found...

and now I am a happy girl! xo


Angie Larkin said...

Yay! You go girl! One mile is a big deal!

Nic laughed at me cuz I kept praying to find my ipod. I hadn't even used the thing yet and it was lost! But we found it in NIC's SUIT PANTS!! :)