Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It Blows

Left at 5 am, the wind was hot and blowing so hard.
1.24 miles in 16:11 minutes for a 13:03 min/mile.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Yee Haw!

I was up late, woke up with family a million times, snoozed the alarm about a dozen times, then HAD to get up or my time would be gone and the days opportunity too!

6 am, humidity, sun in the eyes and HEAT! I thought I had no endurance, that I was going shorter distances of jogging before walking, but overall I went the 1.24 miles in 15:01 min for a time of 12:07 min/miles!!

I was so proud I actually did it in 15 minutes! Then I compared it to the beginning of the month when I went 15 min/mile and with my knees up and iced I am one happy girl! xo

PS left knee aches, but wearing brace

Friday, June 24, 2011

Not Dead Yet!

After a night of no sleep, up with our oldest and a terrible ear infection, our kitchen looks like the lab of Dr. Jeckyl with homemade ear candles, rubbing alcohol, garlic infused olive oil all still there today as proof of the night we all tried to conquer unsuccessfully. It is terrible to see your baby in pain and feel so hopeless because YOU-I could not take it away. He finally went to sleep at 4am, daddy had to leave to work at 5, and this was the only chance I was going to get to get my 3rd run in for the week!

I was out the door and immediately assaulted by the desert heat and unforgiving wind. I wanted to just turn back, crawl into bed and say "Forget it! I actually have a good excuse!" But that is all it would be, an excuse!! Miss Alice met me, and we started our iPods and jogging uphill against that brutal wind, and I felt my whole body weaken. I was angry at the lack of strength I had today! About 1/2 way uphill I silently cried to myself as I tried so hard to keep going. Thank goodness for friends, and the love, encouragement, and support they give when I need it the most. Together we got up the hill, and back down in almost the same time as I have been. WE DID IT! I still cried as we finished, exhausted, and worried about the morning ahead of me. I went the 1.24 miles in 15:47 min for a time of 12:44 min/mile. I'm not dead yet.

Ironically my Ragnar team Captain G signed us all up officially, and we each needed to add our personal info to our profiles online under our team name NOT DEAD YET! (TEAM #187= official cop code for DEATH! Ü) I laughed out loud, added this picture of ME thinking of how my teammates are going to be wondering "is this girl for real?" and that's just it- I'm a real girl, a real wife, a real daughter/sister/and aunt, a real mom, a real 30 something who is getting real! Captain G is #7, Miss Alice #8, and I am #9 and so happy to take on this challenge with these two friends and 9 others! I then added Monty Python and the Holy Grail to the #1 position of my Netflix DVD list, showered, and will now start my day! xo

Monday, June 20, 2011


When you are first dating someone and things are so exciting, brand new, and you think "I could totally be with this person ALL the time, we get along perfectly!"

As the years start to go by, you've disagreed, had hurt feelings, and maybe even wanted to walk away. (Not me of course...but you!) But something keeps you in the relationship, because you probably don't LIKE the person at that moment, there is something bigger!

Today that's a bit how I felt about my training, I did it, and I'm glad I did, but it didn't feel fun, I felt the potatoes and way yummy apple grape gravy I ate with roast for Father's Day yesterday... in my side, in my ankles! And it reflected in my run, the same distance of 1.24 miles took me 15:48 for a pace of 12:45! Crap dog!

But overwhelmingly I feel that relationship with the training, I will keep going, not just for the Ragnar this fall, or the Rock & Roll Relay next spring, but because ultimately I want something bigger than just the run, but the health and the strength for the rest of my life! So happy Monday,as much as I did not like the run, I do like knowing that it will get easier because I am committed! xo

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hip Hop Hooray

I love my marmee, yesterday she picked me and the kids up for lunch & the woman just loves! She can't help but sincerely care for any and everyone, and I came away from our time together so thankful for her and the example of what a good person she is to me. The day got better, in the evening my wonderful Cousins of Character stayed the night and again I felt so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life that I am lucky enough to call my family. During our visit I found out one of my great-aunt was having ♥ troubles that she was seeing a doctor for, and I was thinking about our families collectively in their health. There are a few who keep their bodies healthy, but for the majority as life gets busy, and trials come their health goes on the back burner...

sounds oh so familiar! That's exactly what I have done for the last 15 years as I still continue to work out issues from adolescence and not just get through but overcome the ones faced still. Which inspired me to do my run today, thinking "this is why you are doing it, to change the pattern!" but not just for me, for my boys and anyone who will ever read this, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING you put your mind to! Our Heavenly Father gave us these amazing bodies that if we take care of them they will serve us well for many years, at least that's what my genes tell me!

I had one grandmother die of breast cancer, but healthy until the day she needed to go home. Her sweetheart passed at 90, working on his roof the day before having a stroke! The other grandparents are in their 80's and still kickin'! If I'm going to be here a while, why not make my body into one that can enjoy many things available because it CAN!

Today felt like my throat was on fire, and my chest was going to explode, but step by step I did it and really feel good about it! I did the 1.24 mile loop in 15:17 for a 12:20 min/mile, my fastest time so far, and 5 seconds faster than last week, hip hop hooray!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why Do I Bother?

Lately our conversations have been about watching and listening to our children, finding out who they really are and what they want to become, and a sincere desire to help them achieve it. We are not perfect parents, but really desire to encourage our kids and help them reach their potential!

I know I write this blog, that anybody and their dog could read it, but very rarely do I tell people out loud that I have decided to run the Ragnar or like I decided earlier this week to run the San Diego 2 person Relay with Molly Ann next June, because I am working so hard to encourage myself and don't want to hear any criticism... its just not necessary!

Well today I was having a phone call, at at an intimate moment felt like sharing that these 2 upcoming races, just to hear LAUGHING followed by "What are you two thinking?"

I couldn't believe it, my heart sank and I was so hurt. I couldn't take it back, and they didn't want to. Why did I tell anyone? WHY? I had to hang up the phone and cry. It was like being vomited on, or a shooting target, or like every flaw or insecurity I had had since a little girl was written on my skin for all to see and that I would never be able to change or get away from.

After feeling so low (only a few people in my life could make me feel that way, and why twice in the same month??) I told myself I would prove them wrong. I made a decision to do this for me, that I wanted a lifestyle change, that I wanted to experience the confidence one gains from completing these great things, and that's just what I will continue to do, every day because that has not changed. I bother because I want my life to be even better, and I want to show my kids that they can do and be anything they are willing to work for, that's why!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time is of the essence: play in the water with my boys at a splash park when I am in my workout clothes and they are in swimsuits and older brother "doesn't want to get wet" yet is splashing others it is important to act right away and drag him in your clothes into the fountains! Then laugh... visit with a friend in need of talking, because you sincerely care, and you know not long ago that friend held you while you cried... tell "Prince" stories while snuggled on the bunk beds, because one day all too soon he won't ask me again, and I will be willing to give ANYTHING to have him ask and not be "too old" or "too cool", I adore these moments... have the "Weezer, get off my bench!" wars with my sweetheart until the morning hours, teasing and giggling, because if he were not there I would have wished I had heard him laugh followed by his arms wrapped around me so soft as we fall asleep together... get up and change my workout behavior so I don't rely on will power, even going on little sleep, and even though the air is 90 degrees at 5 freaking o'clock in the morning, because if I don't, I won't and it will quickly just go away. But I DID, (1.245 miles in 16:08 min= 13.01 min/mile)
and even though 30 seconds slower overall, there were much longer distances of continued jogging, and that IS success...

...and in recreating the breakfast little boys dream about, and enjoying every bite with them! Oh YES I DID Ü and loved every little moment, because I do believe time is of the essence! But tonight I will go to bed earlier, so I am better prepared to conquer myself with more energy tomorrow! xo

Monday, June 13, 2011


On a Monday morning what goes through my head is "Why did I eat that cake before bed? I took 2 days off, will I be slow? I had to stretch my butt meat all weekend and it still hurts! Don't be slower than last time!"

But 6:30am came around, on went the shoes and garb, the iPod is full of 90's trash rap that, and with the outcome being 1.24 miles, 15:22 min, pace is 12:24 (2 seconds faster than Friday... hey faster ISN'T slower) all I have to say is WHOOMP there it is! xo

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm late...I'm late...

I slept through my alarm and it was totally late and hot outside and I was thinking of maybe just going tomorrow, but then it's Saturday and who knows what the family will be doing!

FORGET IT, I got my shoes on and attacked the 84 degree weather! I worried if I would go slower because it was hot, if I would go slower because I didn't have a friend to push me, I worried because I left! I did the same 1.24 mile loop in 15:25 for a 12:26 min/mile!! Cheers to me! xo

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Butt Meat Ü

This morning I conquered another huge goal, I went with Alice on my jog! I don't let anyone see how pathetic I am, yet I did, and it was great! We laugh because we have been gym rats for so long we both carry our cute Asics to the gym to put them on, so they are pretty all the time, BUT NO MORE, we are rockin the road baby!

We did 1.24 miles in 17 min for a speed of 13.43 min/miles! Whoot woot! My weight is going down, and my iced knees are going up!

I know I am suppose to ice the knees, but man would I like to ice my butt instead, but not really my butt, the gray area unnamed to the scientific world where the thigh and butt meet but should be separate visibly... mine just blend (blend, blending is the secret...NOT HERE!) I feel the burn here and was telling my love that I think I will have a great butt from doing this, and he affectionately said I was working my BUTT MEAT! I laughed so hard, and would ♥ a ghetto booty like him and brown bear, so here's to me and my BUTT MEAT! xo

Monday, June 6, 2011

A new day, ahhh!

How blessed I am to have friends that I share intimate life experiences with, but after weeks of hearing their trials with children, husbands, neighbors, family, and life in general my heart was feeling sad. I went to the temple on Saturday night and had the chance to do initiatory work and be blessed and uplifted. I always walk away saying "why don't I come more often?" and this was no different. I went into my fast Sunday remembering what I heard and how I felt, and in RS they had a beautiful lesson with this theme:

I loved it and sent it to the women I adore! With this as my focus I keep turning to myself, my physical trials, and how with the Lord all things are possible. I have a wonderful husband who is supportive but does NOT want me to injure myself. This is so sweet, but inside myself I have to PUSH, I know I can, I know HE will help. I have NOT been able to find my iPod and have use that as an excuse, but today is officially DAY 1 of WEEK 1 for the Ragnar training, I put on my shoes, my clothes, pulled my hair back, stretched and hit the road for my 15 minutes!

UGH I hate seeing pictures of myself, but pictures are taken anyway so I am using this to motivate myself even further! I went 1 mile :P one lousy mile! It was uphill going, and downhill coming back, the wind was blowing, I was huffing like a steam engine, but I did it! It is harder than the elyptical, harder than the treadmill, the actual road and elements is what I NEED to train with or I just know I will not be ready...but instead I WILL BE!
I came home to ice the knees, and blog about it, and in the seat cushion of my chair I found...

and now I am a happy girl! xo