Tuesday, January 10, 2012

That's it...

Yesterday was my first day back at the gym. I dropped off big-bro at the bus stop, then little one at the "Playroom", and I walked through those intimidating doors to meet with a personal trainer! All I could think of was "If I hear even one person yell SU-WEE!" that's it, I'll be out of here!! I was surrounded by humans, some looking perfect and beautiful, some who have had WAY too much plastic surgery, and some who literally were three times my size, so I started to relax. My trainer is David, 5'5" bald as a cucumber, bulging muscles, and a thick Chicago accent! This could have gone one of two ways, and I am happy to say it was awesome! We did a 3 point routine, working on perfect form, and man, I was shaking and sweating, it felt awesome!

... and then I went home, and seriously didn't have enough energy to take off my own sports bra until 5 pm! (I wish I were kidding.) The kids wanted to have a Wii Fit Challenge before bed (ouch) then I did a little yoga to try and stretch it all out, and crashed like I were in a Turkey coma!

When I woke up this morning I could hardly move, every single inch of my body was screaming at me, and all I could think was "I have to go back, or it will hurt this bad forever!" Again dropped off at the bus, and the playroom, and decided to try a water aerobics class... how hard could it be :P If you stay by the teacher you are pushing the whole time, if you are on the outskirts you go at your own pace... and did I mention they use FOAM weights? So I got the "biggest" ones and stuck by the trainer, pushing, pulling, jumping, lifting, squeezing, kicking, and flexing everything as hard as I possibly could the entire 70 minutes and was SWEATING and so tired!

A handful of hours later I feel the intensity of the work out, and am proud that I am making the time, and look forward to having energy after working out... somewhere in my future, oh yes, it is coming! xo

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 GOALS

Happy New Year everyone! I have been asked no less than a thousand times already what my "new year resolutions are?" and what comes to mind is the same thing over and over, yet I don't say out loud because its mine... but of course I will type it here!

1- Be a better mom:
help my boys feel and reach their potential this year and every year! In school, in sports, in spirituality, in friendships! Perfect example was NYE we were dancing at a family friendly party at Ruby's Inn, and it was a blast, yet I saw my 8 year old afraid to dance his pants off, because he did not want to look silly in front of people he is never going to see again... once realizing this and with mom by his side, we danced in the new year and had a great time as a little family! DO THIS MORE, show them how to gain self confidence and enjoy this life!

2- Be a better wife:
I'm a dang good wife, but only one knows what I mean when I say Aphrodite...

3- Love myself more:
This one has so many levels that make a difference, so you will just hear as I go.

4- Learn how to cook healthy:
I am a pretty good cook, and I love to cook, but very few recipes are healthy, and if you look at my little family it shows! Ugh! So, I just need to do different research :) I accept!

These are just the surface of what's on my mind starting this new year! xo