Friday, April 29, 2011

Narrow the road...

In the world of food there are many options! But for healthy food it is a much smaller menu that you choose from. On this diet I am constantly surrounded by others food choices that ummm smell so good, BUT if I stay on "the narrow" and don't waiver from what I know is right to eat at this time, I lose a pound a day, and THAT is great! I keep repeating a line I have said to my baby sister for a couple of decades "Be brave little toaster!" xo

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Don't stop...

I woke up FRUSTRATED at a pound heavier! What? Maybe it's Easter weekend catching up from me, so I won't give up on the diet or exercise! A common lunch I eat is the chicken apple salad with red wine vinaigrette, and if I feel sassy I'll mix in Dijon mustard with the vinegar before drizzling!

Today the boys and I did Yoga and boy were we all gasping, it was awesome!


Monday, April 25, 2011

LOSER...not me!

Okay, so what do you do after A WEEK of following the diet to the T and not seeing a single pound of loss? Well, you spend Easter weekend eating everything yummy you want while laughing and enjoying friends and family!

I have a few simple goals, like outrunning my children, having space between my thighs, smiling with only one chin, and having my iPod fit all the way on my Oprah arm!

More than anything I wanted to be a big LOSER this past week and wasn't, but today is Monday, I have my new Asics on, and my weight had better watch out! I have the boys Lego boxes under my arm (that have been banned for a week because of all the little pieces everywhere) and today I start C25K week 4 training!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fresh Feels Good!

Ya know how after you've spent a half a day detailing your filthy mom mobile, nothing in the world feels better than to go take a shower and get "the stink" off of ya? That's how I'm starting to look at food! Don't get me wrong, I love a good burger, or a good pizza... but not the whole thing! I realize that there are many food habits we both were raised with that I want to do differently, so my kids don't have our same struggles. Like having cheese on everything, sauces smothering, and unhealthy snacks readily available. In making this mind shift I need all the support I can get, and little inspiration and encouragement makes such a difference... like this, coming home to find my mom there to play and color with my boys for the afternoon AND my sweet VT has left a bag of yummy fruits by my door, knowing that we are super strict and still giving ♥ and support!

My big problem is that I get done with a "diet" and don't have a plan for food afterwards. Yesterday I saw a recipe for this great mixed pepper and tomato salad with a meatball slider on the side and thought "NICE" that would be really yummy, well balanced, and beautiful! I need to find more of these meals, until then, this is how I'm getting creative Ü

Have you heard if this amazing group Bountiful Baskets? A bunch of the women in my ward are a part of it, and last week brought me some extras and WOW it was so beautiful! So this morning I went with my girlfriend to help put baskets together and see what exactly it is. We left at 5am, and if you know me, you know on a Saturday when Ad is prepared to wake up early with the kids and let me sleep in, that's pretty darn amazing! I got there and saw so many women I want to know better, women I really like and look up to, and women who are both like my VT-ers! There's a huge truck that quickly by these women is unloaded with box after box of produce and put into piles, then baskets are assembled and passed down the line until you finally look out and see over 300 baskets overflowing with cantalope, onions, apples, oranges, bananas, carrots, celery, lettuce, lemons, and strawberries each for only $15! Then you look behind you and all those who ordered are lined up across the street to pick up, it really is incredible and you should check them out at! Bless their ♥'s they even sent me home with yummies for helping out!

Long of the short, what I'm saying is that not only eating, but preparing, and being around fresh food and those who do likewise just makes me feel good! xo

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What have I done?

NOTHING YET, why, because I am FAMOUS for putting myself on the back burner. Together my sweetheart and I have each gained weight back this winter, only to be upset that we allowed it to happen and focused MORE now than ever on NEVER allowing ourselves to be this destructive again.

I've added this cute little ticker to the right, I totally love to see count down's, time, chores, vacations, and now MY WEIGHT! Little by little I want to see myself get closer to my goal! So, what is the main plan:

Get on the scale every day!
Report weigh to one another!
Care enough to eat right!
Be active and enjoy this life!

I have been back on HCG for almost 2 weeks and am pleased as punch! I have people all the time tell me I am ridiculous, but I know this works for me, I know I see results, and I want my life back so I am dedicated!

I have started clipping coupons that (again is very time consuming) will be given time to help save $ but will not take over ME!

My baby sister is so wonderful, and this week she has encouraged me to add Yoga, because it WILL strengthen all the supporting muscles while not burning too many calories while doing HCG. Deep breathing, strength, flexibility... sounds good to me!

Some people like food, but I actually love food, love making fun and beautiful food, and enjoy all the flavors of great food! So I need to get creative with food that is good for me, it too can be beautiful and delicious! So, today's lunch is Chicken & Apple lettuce wraps with a dijon mustard & red wine vinegarette!

I'm past hump day, so I'm headed outside to play in the sun! xo