Sunday, September 18, 2011

35 days!!

I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks. School has started, for all of us, and time is GONE along with sleep! I've kept up with training and yesterday went for 100 minutes of torture!

OKAY, last week we started juicing, all the time, our kitchen looks like the produce isles at the grocery store! I was so excited for energy and weight loss... or not! I not only didn't loose a pound, I gained 2! Also, I felt so exhausted, even more than normal, and the greens gave me the stinkiest gas and diarrhea ever! Lucky girl, I guess for 1/2 its awesome and the other 1/2 need to ease into it because their/my body goes into shock! :P

So, as of this weekend there are only 35 days left till the Ragnar, I am so totally excited and starting to get nervous! xo

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Leg 17

Yesterday morning I woke the whole fam up at 5 am, which I really didn't want to do, but there was a good purpose... I was going to run Leg 17 for the first time! It's my 2nd leg in the Ragnar, the one I will run in the middle of the night, and my longest distance at 5 miles, and not knowing the roads and it being early in the morning I felt it was safest to have my 3 men follow me.

We started at Mission Park and I dreaded the first 2 miles that were all uphill, but found that I kept my jog going for the first 7 minutes, then leapfrogged the rest of the way up. I was thankful they were there because at that point I really wanted a sip of water, and big brother was hanging out the window happy to be the bottle boy!

The last 3 miles were downhill which was great, except I found that my shoes don't have enough support on the inside of my heels, so they really ached after about a mile straight down, and I leapfrogged even though my legs and lungs could have endured more the rest of the way to Acacia Park.

Hubby didn't start the GPS at the beginning, so when I clocked the distance after this is what was done: 5.24 miles in 1:10:00 for 13:22 pace, NOT BAD for walgging it for the first time! xo

Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer's Over!

This morning I woke up, walked outside and instantly as I felt the air on my face felt, cool. refreshed, energized to go run... and in a flash thought OH NO, MY SUMMER IS OVER! I absolutely love the heat of the day, not getting chills, frozen grapes, kids dripping popsicles, playing at the pool, and wearing flip flops every single day! I drink a ton of water, I love my skin with a tan, and feel alive! Today I felt that all slipping away, and I honestly am not ready to see it go!

On to the run: I met Miss Alice and we went 2.85 miles in 39.07 minutes for a 13:02 pace! Not bad my friend. It would have been faster, but about half way through I had serious bladder issues that would not let me run faster, take bigger strides, or go further distances :P RUDE! I felt like I was leapfrogging it when I honestly could have gone faster and THAT drives me nuts! I seriously almost lost it on the home stretch because the SPRINKLERS WERE GOING! Good grief!

Looks like I will be waking up earlier so that I can visit the ladies room TWICE before I run! xo