Sunday, September 18, 2011

35 days!!

I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks. School has started, for all of us, and time is GONE along with sleep! I've kept up with training and yesterday went for 100 minutes of torture!

OKAY, last week we started juicing, all the time, our kitchen looks like the produce isles at the grocery store! I was so excited for energy and weight loss... or not! I not only didn't loose a pound, I gained 2! Also, I felt so exhausted, even more than normal, and the greens gave me the stinkiest gas and diarrhea ever! Lucky girl, I guess for 1/2 its awesome and the other 1/2 need to ease into it because their/my body goes into shock! :P

So, as of this weekend there are only 35 days left till the Ragnar, I am so totally excited and starting to get nervous! xo