Monday, February 15, 2010

Results...but how?

I've taken the next step, with the encouragement of a great friend I now have a COACH! Okay, so we won't physically see one another, work out together, or hear eachother yell in the gym...

But we are willing to be brutally honest with one another with EVERYTHING, and make contact at the end of each day to report!

I can't tell you how excited I am, I'm sure it has been proven scientifically SOMEWHERE that having someone you answer to gets better results, and RESULTS are what I am after folks!

So here is the plan:
Condition on the treadmill at 6am
Get kids up, fed, to school
Do P90x, then shower
Pick up after school
Feed kids lunch
Then make myself gorgeous for when my sweetheart returns home!

Oh, it is about a half mile each way to my son's school, so I plan on putting my baby in his seat on the back of my bike and biking to and from school each day = about 2 miles a day!

All of it together, along with eating good, balanced, portion controlled meals and drinking plenty of water should give me results...right? Lets just see! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Okay people, I'm officially on week 3 of my "conditioning program" and I am in pain! My ankles and left hip are screaming at me wondering why I am making them move all of the sudden :) Must...go...on!

I have been reunited with precious friends, and it seems there is a very common pattern amongst us! We fall in love, we get married, we have babies, we move, we fulfill callings in our church, we have job changes, and in the midst become so busy with life that we lose the "us" we once knew!

Never would we dream of not having our wonderful husbands or darling children, and we all want to give service, and so it is very easy to run out of time and not save any moment for us, to enjoy being with other women, to laugh out loud, and to remember all the nights dancing with friends!

Instead we become frumpy, rushing, cranky at times, and desire for more. One thing I have really enjoyed the last year or so, has been reuniting with friends I love and miss on Facebook. Seeing their spouses and beautiful children, what they are up to, exchanging phone numbers and laughing just like we did back when! It is a little happy place for me! Whether I jump on once a day or once a week, having that connection helps me feel more alive!

Making the time, sometimes at the sacrafice of my very precious sleep, to get my body out of bed, while it is still dark, and exercise while my family so difficult, but I know that I am going to feel and look so much better if I do!

Taking the time to make halthier food is a HUGE one for me! Today I tried this:

1 pkg Edamame, shelled, rinsed, pat dry
1 tbs Olive oil
1 tsp Seasoning of any kind :)
*450 for 15 minutes

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ahhh Food!

I need to update! The cleanse is officially over! I lasted 6 days, and then was feeling sick to my stomach, I needed food and was just feeling icky :( So I am back on foods, but am totally in a new place.

I did the cleanse for a few reasons, one being that I was just hungry all the time and needed something to help me stop that! I wanted to eat regular portions of food and be satisfied, not still grazing like a cow for the entire day.

Second I wanted to get rid of the urge for unhealthy foods all the time! I started researching foods I do want to eat and feel more in control...hallelujah!!

Some argue the reasons people cleanse and the results they get, I can tell you, for me personally, it was a really good experience. I realized that I am strong and able to take control back in my life. I feel empowered, like I just jumped off a platform for a healthy new year. I feel like I control my cravings vs them controlling me. I feel WAY more ready this week to live a healthier life than I have in the last decade!

Wa-Hoo! When was the last time you wa-hoo-ed?

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Cleanse Day 3
It's going good and I totally don't feel hungry (amazing)! I was talking with my BEST friend who tried this cleanse a while back and on day 3 she lost it, stopped by the gas station, bought and ate and entire bag of crappy Lay's potato chips! I think it's totally a mind over matter kind of thing, and I'm really focused right now, so it isn't a problem. Keep those fingers crossed!

The last two days I wasn't able to work out at 6am, so I went mid day to get it in. My body does not work the same later, I was more tired, my mind was distracted, and I felt winded the whole time...crazy! 6am is the time for me and I am more than happy to wake up now feeling a real difference!

Along with working out I want to create a healthy meal plan for when this is over. I keep thinking about meat: beef, chicken, turkey, etc and how often we eat it. Pretty yuck, but I know that when we eat pork I'm more gassy, so why eat it?

Then today my sons were watching Dinosaur Train, and Dr. Dr.Scott Sampson said that Argentinosaurus' are like humans, we are both herbivores! If you look at our teeth they are both flat for chewing plants and leaves! LIGHT BULB MOMENT! We will be eating more leafy greens and less fleshy products!!

TA-DA we are off for our evening swim!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Freak Out!

I have not told anyone about this blog except for my sister and mom, and yesterday I received a very sweet and encouraging message from a dear friend I haven't seen in 15years and had a mini-panic attack and made the site private! I thought about "what if things don't change, what if I fail, what if I stay fat, what if..."

Isn't that the point of ALL of this??? Of course it is! Everyone knows me, knows what I look like, and it cannot get any worse than it is so who cares??? NOT ME any more!! I'm no longer afraid of "someone" seeing this! I welcome one and all to view, to comment, to maybe even be inspired!

Day 2 of the detox: fantastic! not hungry, just mind over matter!

HUZZAH as my dear aunt says! I'm off to the gym!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's Detox Time!

Okay, so this is me, seriously the only pictures of just me in the last 3 months! Always cropping the lower half out, skin tone grey, hair almost always out of control. I have learned to just smile real big in hopes others won't see how I feel or notice my size. Of course they can! Who do I think I am kidding? Every summer I am out absorbing the sun and I say "Of course I'm going to play in my swimsuit with my kids, they can already see what I look like, I might as well enjoy myself!" But really, who is enjoying when you're self conscious all the time, pulling tops down, lifting pants back up... in fact... I just remembered pictures from last summer:

What the....!!!

Of course nobody has seen THESE photo's blogged or on Facebook! Know that I have become even more out of shape with cold weather, depression and December's Daily Pie Making & Eating we threw for, no not the neighborhood, just us! This leads me to today's decision to do a cleanse, knowing that in this body there is a lot of crap food that has been blocked up and any jump start I can give it, I will!

25-30 lemons, juiced
62 oz of 100% PURE maple syrup
5 gal. of distilled water
1 jar Cayenne pepper
1 box Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move Tea

10 oz Water
2 Tbs Lemon Juice
2 Tbs Syrup
dash Cayenne
*Drink 5-8 glasses of juice a day plus 5-8 glasses of water! Every night before bed drink a cup of tea.

I keep thinking about discipline and self mastery, and how growing up these things really were not taught to me in relation to self, school, work, and I feel this overwhelming duty to teach my two beautiful boys yet need to teach myself first.