Monday, August 29, 2011

New Start

Last week I ran only on Tuesday, only 2 miles... ugh

So, today I declared my official NEW START! It's the first day back to school for me, hubby and the kiddos. It's the day to be organized, keep moving, and YES I started with my run!

So, I went 3 miles in 45 minutes, STINK SUCK CRAP! but it can only get better from here because I am going to be dedicated, steady and LOVE the ride! xo

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week's review!

Last Saturday's run totally didn't happen as we were loaded up to drive to California...

Monday I did the 1.45 mile loop in 19:20 minutes for a 13:23 pace.

Thursday was the next and I again did the 1.45 miles in about 20 minutes for a 13:48 pace, about. My watch didn't start time, who knows what I pushed, the winds were insane and strong, and I was just glad we stayed standing upright!

Today I wanted a longer route, we are only 9 weeks away from the RAGNAR and I need to increase my distance and pace so I don't mentally freak out on the course Ü! Miss Alice joined me and this is what we did: 3.8 miles in 52:41 minutes for a 13:52 pace!

K- so mentally I am going through a lot right now, bot me and hubby are registered for college classes (first time in over 8 years) plus homeschooling 2nd grader and pre-k, plus possibly moving at the end of this month, plus haven't trained regular and am still totally unhealthy towards myself... this has to change! Honestly I am holding myself back by being a Debbie Downer and allowing myself to feel overwhelmed by life, ITS JUST LIFE! I had a little breakdown inside because my body went into shock, totally not use to all of this and I need to keep going with a positive attitude and realize I haven't done anything EVER like this and I am way further ahead than I was a few months ago!

Miracles are about to happen, cause it's the RAGNAR baby, and it will be fun!! xo

Friday, August 12, 2011


This is what I have heard in my head this week, trashy 80's movies where you think someone is going to do something and last minute the joker yells out SYKE!! Am I really going to run or last minute yell at myself and the rest of the world... SYKE!?!?

Well on Wednesday I did my 3rd run in as many days, went 2.4 miles in 34.30 minutes for a 14.23 pace, took Thursday off (hallelujah!) and went today 1.5 miles in 19:20 minutes for a 13:20 pace.

Saturday am suppose to go for 55 minutes... SYKE... or is it? xo

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Next Day

Felt like going for just a small jog, totally felt like I had weak ankles for the first half, but fine the second. Went 1.45 miles in 19:39 minutes for a 13:33 pace! Whoot whoot! xo

Monday, August 8, 2011

It's a Monday!

Best weekend ever... baby baptized, tons of family fun, followed by my body physically crashing Saturday night aching and dead, sleeping till 2pm the NEXT day, still aching and feeling irritable, going to bed in good time, then woke up at 4:30 still feeling OLD!! I think my emotions just wiped me out physically :)

Did the week 2 intervals, going 2.4 miles in 34:50 min for a 14:31 pace... not bad for 100 years old, it's done! xo

Friday, August 5, 2011


Okay tomorrow my baby gets baptized and I woke up thinking, i have to nair my face & arms, color my roots, go grocery shopping, wash sheets and press church clothes...

FORGET IT, go run! So I went 3.15 miles in 44:19 for a 14:04 pace... should have been better and this is why! I totally jogged non stop for 1/2 mile! twice!! And then I picked up these two books adding 11 pounds for the last 1/3 of a mile! Overall a happy girl! xo

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tired :/

not necessarily tired physically, as in lack of sleep, but emotionally! This is a big week, my baby is turning 8 tomorrow and going to be baptized... its a big one! One of those milestones you look forward to, but now that its here I wish it were in another year or two. Time is just passing too quickly with my brown bear, and I worry. I worry about how I am as a mom, how I love, teach, and prepare him for life and eternity. So much goes through my mind and I love that I get to be the one to share every day with him, but do I do enough?

It took me an extra half hour to get my mind together enough to get out the door! But when I did I was pleased Ü Honestly. There was a strong, hot wind from the south, I put on my week 2 playlist, I started up the hill and thought "This is crazy!" but kept up with the intervals. Going down the first hill I skipped the walk and did 2 legs of each in the jog! Intervals cutting back over and while going up the next hill got tired during the jog, walked less than 5 seconds then picked it back up. While crossing over I started the jog earlier and then jogged the last 1/4 mile without stopping! Huge for moi!

Went 2.1 miles in 28:54 for a 13:46 pace. Now on to finish party plans! xo

Monday, August 1, 2011

Back in the saddle!

Okay, so this weekend I was sore and deep-ended quite a bit (ashamed to admit, but I at one point even thought of quitting the Ragnar!), wishing my times were better than they are as distances increases and not wanting to disappoint my team but more so myself vs thinking about what I am doing that I have never done before, and it's pretty great!!

So, I decided to jump back on the C25K to help me walking but hate their sites techno crap music, but found and really like Carli''s Fat*Fit*Fierce podcasts for the training! After 2 months I am only on week 2 of endurance and did it! :P So, the run was just right, but the walking seemed a bit long, overall I am going to stick with it and hope my endurance builds!

SO- today I went 2.4 miles in 34:59 minutes for a 14:35 pace! I have to remember that 2 months ago I cringed at jogging for 15 minutes which now really is nothing, so in another 2 months I will feel that way about today! It can only get better from here Ü xo