Monday, August 1, 2011

Back in the saddle!

Okay, so this weekend I was sore and deep-ended quite a bit (ashamed to admit, but I at one point even thought of quitting the Ragnar!), wishing my times were better than they are as distances increases and not wanting to disappoint my team but more so myself vs thinking about what I am doing that I have never done before, and it's pretty great!!

So, I decided to jump back on the C25K to help me walking but hate their sites techno crap music, but found and really like Carli''s Fat*Fit*Fierce podcasts for the training! After 2 months I am only on week 2 of endurance and did it! :P So, the run was just right, but the walking seemed a bit long, overall I am going to stick with it and hope my endurance builds!

SO- today I went 2.4 miles in 34:59 minutes for a 14:35 pace! I have to remember that 2 months ago I cringed at jogging for 15 minutes which now really is nothing, so in another 2 months I will feel that way about today! It can only get better from here Ü xo