Monday, October 24, 2011

Ragnar #187 We're Not Dead Yet!!

Oh my goodness I don't even know where to begin! We were suppose to use our Expedition as one of the vehicles, and at the gas station while filling it up the night before the radiator completely exploded and my sweetheart rented us this beast!

Thank heavens, because we really needed the room with the girls, the coolers, the bench to stretch out on after you ran, etc, it was perfect! I was so worried about not having enough energy that an hour before my first leg I took a "5 Hour Energy" full of caffeine shot that seriously made me feel shaky and like I was going to have a heart attack! Never again. So my doubts continued until my second leg in the middle of the night, but I had a little to eat and lots of water to drink leading up to it, then just ran and every now and then chewed up a GU block, and it was GREAT and I had so much fun... even got surprise by my 3 men on the way with a banner and flashlights!!

Going into the Ragnar I thought, okay you run for an hour then sleep and chill for 12 until its your turn again, no biggie. HA! What a load of crap! There is tons to do the whole time, from driving, to navigating, to getting ready, taking care of others, resting after or being the runner, you are go go going the whole time when you are part of the team! Thank goodness for the team house in between with a mom to cook and a slave to do laundry :) they took such good care of us that we had a couple of hours to shower and rest or stretch if you are me!

Pain, lots of pain hit our team with injuries... but it brought out the true colors of my team mates that I appreciated so much (Love those with integrity, thankful to know who uses and blames others!)

What mattered was that those hurt did not do more damage, and that those who were less hurt were willing to be the "Clean Up Crew" so we all could finish and get medals. On my final leg I had a pop in my knee with P-A-I-N! Stink, crap! I went so slow, but was SO thankful for Capt'n G who knew I needed encouragement and knew I needed to finish it for ME, and allowed me to even at a slower pace!

We came together and conquered the Ragnar... but most of all I conquered my self and now believe in myself once again! xo

Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Million Things!

I leave for the Ragnar team house in just 8 hours and feel like a fellow Ragnar runner who posted on facebook: "I feel like im at the top of a roller coaster, thinking "oh crap! here it comes!"

I'm still a big girl, I still emotionally eat and still eat for enjoyment! I have however started to lift my butt, have gained muscle, have strengthened my ♥ and built up endurance... overall great for my health and for that I am proud of myself!

This morning I wanted to go for a little jog, just so I wasn't stiff tomorrow, so I did my first 1 mile loop, the one that made me cry at the beginning of summer Ü Yes I was breathing hard going up and back down, but I kept great pace, talked the whole way, and found myself smiling and even laughing, then finally commenting that "This really is fun!" Then I laughed harder, not believing I only said it, but actually believed it!

Out of the million things I have to get done before I leave tonight at 5, I really wanted to remember how I feel, what I have accomplished, and to remind myself, my friends and my family to enjoy this life, keep trying, and have fun along the way! xo

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Two things:

Okay I know it's been a while since I have written, and that's because there has been a TON going on with school, kids, sports, funerals, last minute trips, etc... honestly a whirlwind the last month!
Thing 1: We meet at the team house for Ragnar in 2 days!!!
Thing 2: Did you hear me?? Ragnar is in 2 days!!!