Thursday, March 11, 2010


Much has happened in the last couple of weeks that have changed our thoughts completely! For the first time in a LONG time Adam and I agree completely on something, and it has led to our decision to do the HCG plan together!

I'm so excited because things always are easier (especially with food) if we are on the same page, and secondly because of all we have read about it, third from visiting with 3 friends who have DONE IT! It makes sense! I have laughed out loud reading studies they have done that are diets I have tried! I would love to explain everything, but why type it all out when you can just read "Pounds and Inches" yourself, the link can be found under HCG on the right!

This is what Adam and I look like this week...FRIGHTENING!

Many of you question the extreme things we try, but if you read the material you wont! We have finished the two days of "loading" gorging till we feel sick inside, and today started Phase 1! Here's to a new life, feeling great, and changing our bodies for good!