Saturday, October 30, 2010


Whew, 8 weeks later I am finished with the 500 calorie protocol, and am FINALLY on to reset! I ran across an email from Koach Katie back in January 2010, and since then I have lost 90 pounds!!! Adam & I keep joking that "I've lost a NINI" who is my adorable sister in law who MAYBE weighs 90 lbs when she is pregnant and wet! None the less, 90 pounds are GONE, whoot whoot! Today was my first breakfast & I thoroughly enjoyed my turkey, egg & cheese cups with fresh cilantro!

I have stayed in my old workout clothes, church clothes, etc and finally last week was getting dressed for church and everything was falling off of my shoulders! It was baggy and looked like tents, I was frustrated and thrilled at the same time :) I had to buy some new clothes to get me through this phase for the winter and let me tell you how it went down...

I was at Lane Bryant (fat girl store, I know) and the last time I was there was in January when I had to buy a new top and a pair of jeans, on top of being fat I am still tall and finding things that fit are limiting. (I wonder how this will change??) Anyway, in January I was trying on tops and just grabbed one, even though it was a 22 and snug, it had to do. Then for the bottoms, I had been a 22 for who knows how long, but was on the phone with my sister as I had to up it to a 24 that still made my legs look like stuffed sausages!! I was crying and so upset!

Okay okay, so two weeks ago I was in trying on things, because at this point I didn't have a clue what on Earth my size even was any more. Drum roll please, Clark!

In tops I wear a 14/16
In jeans I wear a 16!!!

Again I was on the phone in the dressing room, but this time I was thrilled and on the phone with NINI (a darling and petite size 0 even after having a baby) screaming like a girl asked to the prom as I stood there in the size 16 jeans that were a little sausagey on the thighs...but I figured it was awesome motivation!

So I came home and ordered everything online (huge 50% off deal that week only) and waited patiently until the box arrived.....last Friday it didn't! I called Monday and they never shipped it, don't they understand what I have been through?? Okay, breathe. So today it came and I frantically told my hubby to SIT DOWN, I was going to show him what treasures I found! He loved it all, but I have to say the BEST part was when I tried on the size 16 jeans, they fit, yes, but are baggy on the thighs...baggy! I had lost 7 more pounds (taking me to the total of 90 lbs) and that made such a big difference, can you see me do the happy dance?

According to the Wii I still have 50 lbs to loose, and I still hate the Oprah arm, but even with that, I feel like a new girl, a happier wife and mom, and for sure have more energy and flexibility to enjoy this life!

We went to California to play on the beach and it was COLD, I totally was not prepared for me, but thankfully over packed for the kids, so I wore my 7 year olds sweatshirt! Say what?? I feel great people, the HCG diet works if you mentally get your head in the game! Enjoy some totally un-professional photos! xoxo

Monday, October 4, 2010

I Think I Can, I Think I Can...

Hello Self,

Holidays are hard! During the week it is so easy to stay on track, with meals prepared in advance, walking the kids up, feeding them breakfast, dressed and out to school, then back to do chores, stop for quick lunch, run back to get big brother, home to do homework, then prep dinner, all sit and enjoy each other, then baths and bedtime!

But this past weekend was General Conference, WHICH I LOVE, but it is full of family being together with lots of yummy food! On top of that it was Fall Conference, which is when we celebrate my hubby's birthday and this year the fam threw a beautiful BBQ, plus I made Molly Salad and a 5 layer Buddy cake! A bite or two of things that aren't on the list and BAM, no weight loss that day... ugh!

But today you are back on track! I saw an old email with Coach Katie from the beginning of the year, and was shocked and thrilled that THIS YEAR I am down 70 pounds of FAT! Disgusting and yet so totally thrilled it is gone!! Baby and I jumped over to the gym for a little boost, and little by little I feel confident again!

So, here I am with my next break ending the week of Thanksgiving, and sweetie-pie has joined in for the last push! (Which totally makes it easier, sad but true, so I am not totally envious of everything he is enjoying!) Until the holidays...
I Know I Can,
I Know I Can,
I Know I Can! xo