Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Of course you have heard of this little program... P90X! Well this week I started it again, I tried it over a year ago and though I might die, but thought "hey, I'm lighter now, lets give it a shot!"

Day one, I started off missing all together because of EVERYTHING!


So, I started totally pumped up, did the workout at about 40%, and realized along with loosing a bunch of pounds, I've gone a year without serious exercise and MAN I AM WEAK! I was shouting at myself "YOU CAN DO THIS' "BIG RESULTS TAKE BIG EFFORT" etc, but still I was gasping, sweating, and by the end barely moving at all as I felt my body begin to freeze.

As I was soaking in the tub attempting to relax I couldn't help but think about why this has happened... how I let myself get this far out of shape with such little self confidence. Repeatedly I thought of the Young Women motto:

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It all comes down to this, our good decisions and bad all are based on whether or not we really believe that we are daughters of a loving Heavenly Father. Honestly, for many years I did not see my worth. Even now I think I am just beginning to see how great I can become, but I really do know now that HE loves me.

As I prepare to sleep, I will pray that my legs remain attached and not harden like concrete by morning so I can jump up and make this great creation, my living body, into something wonderful.

Have a great day, and know you are loved! xo

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Me Today :)