Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Million Things!

I leave for the Ragnar team house in just 8 hours and feel like a fellow Ragnar runner who posted on facebook: "I feel like im at the top of a roller coaster, thinking "oh crap! here it comes!"

I'm still a big girl, I still emotionally eat and still eat for enjoyment! I have however started to lift my butt, have gained muscle, have strengthened my ♥ and built up endurance... overall great for my health and for that I am proud of myself!

This morning I wanted to go for a little jog, just so I wasn't stiff tomorrow, so I did my first 1 mile loop, the one that made me cry at the beginning of summer Ü Yes I was breathing hard going up and back down, but I kept great pace, talked the whole way, and found myself smiling and even laughing, then finally commenting that "This really is fun!" Then I laughed harder, not believing I only said it, but actually believed it!

Out of the million things I have to get done before I leave tonight at 5, I really wanted to remember how I feel, what I have accomplished, and to remind myself, my friends and my family to enjoy this life, keep trying, and have fun along the way! xo


Em and Jorg said...

darling pictures. and the one on the bottom where your face is framed in a motivational sticky note wreath?! LOVE it!