Saturday, July 30, 2011

Catching up!

I honestly don't know why I haven't blogged, last week I kept up on my runs except for kids being sick and missing the Saturday big run. I was so bummed, and emotionally it freaked me out not accomplishing it...

Okay so this week at a glance is:
Monday 1.45 mile loop in 19:34 for a 13:30 pace.
Hold on, it gets worse!!
Skip till Friday when I did the same 1.45 in 20:15 for a 13:58...
But the worst yet was today Saturday I did the big run,
going 3.2 miles in 46:07 for 14:25 pace... what the crap??

PS Today my hip flexors were so tight and sore, so I started researching and found this on :

Tight muscles and poor flexibility will contribute to hip flexor injury. When muscles are tight, there is an increased amount of tension on the tissues.

Hip flexor strain can also be caused by compensation for other injuries, or weakness of other muscles. This is common if you have core weakness. When the lower abdominal muscles do not stabilize the pelvis, the hip flexor muscles will try to compensate for this weakness and become overworked.

The most common symptom of a hip flexor strain is pain. It occurs along the front of the hip and may radiate down the front of your thigh.

Running can be painful, and your sports performance may be limited.

Once your pain begins to subside, after a few days, you can begin gentle stretching of the hip flexors.

Improving your flexibility is the key to successful treatment and prevention of re-injury.

Preventing hip flexor injury focuses on good flexibility, as well as making sure you warm up before you go full speed. Warm muscles are much less likely to be injured. So take the time to warm up and start slowly before you go all out. A good flexibility program will also help to reduce the tension on the muscles, and reduce your likelihood for injury.

**So, I've been talking to Molly about doing yoga on the days I don't "walog" and that plus more stretching morning and night is just what I think I will do! xo