Friday, July 8, 2011

Next Day!

Ali was a trooper and went with me this morning at 4:15am... yes 4:15!! She wanted to do the 1.24 mile loop and that early in the morning who am I to argue Ü We did it in 15.39 for a 12:37 pace.

I had to buy a new swimsuit at while swimming tonight (and laughed with Angie at how many of us women will continue to wear threadbare that make us look WORSE) my baby came up, put one hand on each boob and asked "what's this?!?!" when I told him he then notified me they were "so big and soft!" He's three, ha!

I have been at 15 minutes, but tomorrow for my 3rd run in a row and 3rd run of the week I am suppose to go 25 minutes. I've averaged 1.24-1.5 miles so I have a 1.8 mile loop that is straight uphill for the first 1/2 and straight downhill the second! Wish me luck! xo