Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tired :/

not necessarily tired physically, as in lack of sleep, but emotionally! This is a big week, my baby is turning 8 tomorrow and going to be baptized... its a big one! One of those milestones you look forward to, but now that its here I wish it were in another year or two. Time is just passing too quickly with my brown bear, and I worry. I worry about how I am as a mom, how I love, teach, and prepare him for life and eternity. So much goes through my mind and I love that I get to be the one to share every day with him, but do I do enough?

It took me an extra half hour to get my mind together enough to get out the door! But when I did I was pleased Ü Honestly. There was a strong, hot wind from the south, I put on my week 2 playlist, I started up the hill and thought "This is crazy!" but kept up with the intervals. Going down the first hill I skipped the walk and did 2 legs of each in the jog! Intervals cutting back over and while going up the next hill got tired during the jog, walked less than 5 seconds then picked it back up. While crossing over I started the jog earlier and then jogged the last 1/4 mile without stopping! Huge for moi!

Went 2.1 miles in 28:54 for a 13:46 pace. Now on to finish party plans! xo