Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's Detox Time!

Okay, so this is me, seriously the only pictures of just me in the last 3 months! Always cropping the lower half out, skin tone grey, hair almost always out of control. I have learned to just smile real big in hopes others won't see how I feel or notice my size. Of course they can! Who do I think I am kidding? Every summer I am out absorbing the sun and I say "Of course I'm going to play in my swimsuit with my kids, they can already see what I look like, I might as well enjoy myself!" But really, who is enjoying when you're self conscious all the time, pulling tops down, lifting pants back up... in fact... I just remembered pictures from last summer:

What the....!!!

Of course nobody has seen THESE photo's blogged or on Facebook! Know that I have become even more out of shape with cold weather, depression and December's Daily Pie Making & Eating we threw for, no not the neighborhood, just us! This leads me to today's decision to do a cleanse, knowing that in this body there is a lot of crap food that has been blocked up and any jump start I can give it, I will!

25-30 lemons, juiced
62 oz of 100% PURE maple syrup
5 gal. of distilled water
1 jar Cayenne pepper
1 box Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move Tea

10 oz Water
2 Tbs Lemon Juice
2 Tbs Syrup
dash Cayenne
*Drink 5-8 glasses of juice a day plus 5-8 glasses of water! Every night before bed drink a cup of tea.

I keep thinking about discipline and self mastery, and how growing up these things really were not taught to me in relation to self, school, work, and I feel this overwhelming duty to teach my two beautiful boys yet need to teach myself first.