Sunday, September 4, 2011

Leg 17

Yesterday morning I woke the whole fam up at 5 am, which I really didn't want to do, but there was a good purpose... I was going to run Leg 17 for the first time! It's my 2nd leg in the Ragnar, the one I will run in the middle of the night, and my longest distance at 5 miles, and not knowing the roads and it being early in the morning I felt it was safest to have my 3 men follow me.

We started at Mission Park and I dreaded the first 2 miles that were all uphill, but found that I kept my jog going for the first 7 minutes, then leapfrogged the rest of the way up. I was thankful they were there because at that point I really wanted a sip of water, and big brother was hanging out the window happy to be the bottle boy!

The last 3 miles were downhill which was great, except I found that my shoes don't have enough support on the inside of my heels, so they really ached after about a mile straight down, and I leapfrogged even though my legs and lungs could have endured more the rest of the way to Acacia Park.

Hubby didn't start the GPS at the beginning, so when I clocked the distance after this is what was done: 5.24 miles in 1:10:00 for 13:22 pace, NOT BAD for walgging it for the first time! xo