Thursday, April 14, 2011

What have I done?

NOTHING YET, why, because I am FAMOUS for putting myself on the back burner. Together my sweetheart and I have each gained weight back this winter, only to be upset that we allowed it to happen and focused MORE now than ever on NEVER allowing ourselves to be this destructive again.

I've added this cute little ticker to the right, I totally love to see count down's, time, chores, vacations, and now MY WEIGHT! Little by little I want to see myself get closer to my goal! So, what is the main plan:

Get on the scale every day!
Report weigh to one another!
Care enough to eat right!
Be active and enjoy this life!

I have been back on HCG for almost 2 weeks and am pleased as punch! I have people all the time tell me I am ridiculous, but I know this works for me, I know I see results, and I want my life back so I am dedicated!

I have started clipping coupons that (again is very time consuming) will be given time to help save $ but will not take over ME!

My baby sister is so wonderful, and this week she has encouraged me to add Yoga, because it WILL strengthen all the supporting muscles while not burning too many calories while doing HCG. Deep breathing, strength, flexibility... sounds good to me!

Some people like food, but I actually love food, love making fun and beautiful food, and enjoy all the flavors of great food! So I need to get creative with food that is good for me, it too can be beautiful and delicious! So, today's lunch is Chicken & Apple lettuce wraps with a dijon mustard & red wine vinegarette!

I'm past hump day, so I'm headed outside to play in the sun! xo