Friday, June 24, 2011

Not Dead Yet!

After a night of no sleep, up with our oldest and a terrible ear infection, our kitchen looks like the lab of Dr. Jeckyl with homemade ear candles, rubbing alcohol, garlic infused olive oil all still there today as proof of the night we all tried to conquer unsuccessfully. It is terrible to see your baby in pain and feel so hopeless because YOU-I could not take it away. He finally went to sleep at 4am, daddy had to leave to work at 5, and this was the only chance I was going to get to get my 3rd run in for the week!

I was out the door and immediately assaulted by the desert heat and unforgiving wind. I wanted to just turn back, crawl into bed and say "Forget it! I actually have a good excuse!" But that is all it would be, an excuse!! Miss Alice met me, and we started our iPods and jogging uphill against that brutal wind, and I felt my whole body weaken. I was angry at the lack of strength I had today! About 1/2 way uphill I silently cried to myself as I tried so hard to keep going. Thank goodness for friends, and the love, encouragement, and support they give when I need it the most. Together we got up the hill, and back down in almost the same time as I have been. WE DID IT! I still cried as we finished, exhausted, and worried about the morning ahead of me. I went the 1.24 miles in 15:47 min for a time of 12:44 min/mile. I'm not dead yet.

Ironically my Ragnar team Captain G signed us all up officially, and we each needed to add our personal info to our profiles online under our team name NOT DEAD YET! (TEAM #187= official cop code for DEATH! Ü) I laughed out loud, added this picture of ME thinking of how my teammates are going to be wondering "is this girl for real?" and that's just it- I'm a real girl, a real wife, a real daughter/sister/and aunt, a real mom, a real 30 something who is getting real! Captain G is #7, Miss Alice #8, and I am #9 and so happy to take on this challenge with these two friends and 9 others! I then added Monty Python and the Holy Grail to the #1 position of my Netflix DVD list, showered, and will now start my day! xo


Misti said...

You rock girl! I love this blog! Did two halfs, hate running, admire those who do it!

"M" Clan said...

Hi Mist, man I miss you and your family! Kaleb was asking if we will see Saddie at the wedding? Too cute! You found my private blog of ramblings, ta da! So stinking proud of you for running two halfs!!! That's awesome Ü I'm a bit nervous, but totally excited and just want to do it! xoxo