Monday, June 20, 2011


When you are first dating someone and things are so exciting, brand new, and you think "I could totally be with this person ALL the time, we get along perfectly!"

As the years start to go by, you've disagreed, had hurt feelings, and maybe even wanted to walk away. (Not me of course...but you!) But something keeps you in the relationship, because you probably don't LIKE the person at that moment, there is something bigger!

Today that's a bit how I felt about my training, I did it, and I'm glad I did, but it didn't feel fun, I felt the potatoes and way yummy apple grape gravy I ate with roast for Father's Day yesterday... in my side, in my ankles! And it reflected in my run, the same distance of 1.24 miles took me 15:48 for a pace of 12:45! Crap dog!

But overwhelmingly I feel that relationship with the training, I will keep going, not just for the Ragnar this fall, or the Rock & Roll Relay next spring, but because ultimately I want something bigger than just the run, but the health and the strength for the rest of my life! So happy Monday,as much as I did not like the run, I do like knowing that it will get easier because I am committed! xo