Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Butt Meat Ü

This morning I conquered another huge goal, I went with Alice on my jog! I don't let anyone see how pathetic I am, yet I did, and it was great! We laugh because we have been gym rats for so long we both carry our cute Asics to the gym to put them on, so they are pretty all the time, BUT NO MORE, we are rockin the road baby!

We did 1.24 miles in 17 min for a speed of 13.43 min/miles! Whoot woot! My weight is going down, and my iced knees are going up!

I know I am suppose to ice the knees, but man would I like to ice my butt instead, but not really my butt, the gray area unnamed to the scientific world where the thigh and butt meet but should be separate visibly... mine just blend (blend, blending is the secret...NOT HERE!) I feel the burn here and was telling my love that I think I will have a great butt from doing this, and he affectionately said I was working my BUTT MEAT! I laughed so hard, and would ♥ a ghetto booty like him and brown bear, so here's to me and my BUTT MEAT! xo