Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 New Vegan Me

I ♥ that it has been ONE YEAR since I've blogged... that pretty much summs up last year's whirl wind for me! I will bring you up to date on what I have been thinking:


I keep trying really hard to make changes in my life for better health and looks but none of it lasts. Easy off= easy back on because the habit and mentality have not changed. I absolutely adore my sister!! Seriously I do! How great it is to have a family member who gets all of my emotional crap, our family patterns, and feels the same about wanting to "become better". This last year I am thankful for the unlimited minutes I have been using like crazy talking with her Ü This is us in November 2012:

This last year has been filled with reading, talking, and watching shows on better health, the prep work! When I was dating my hubby, my MIL asked "What kind of girl are you?" Totally loaded question, but I responded "Meat and potatoes kind of girl" which was a good answer, and a common answer for each of our families and how we were raised. After the last year I can honestly say I want more for me, my body, and my family. I want to eat good foods, exercise my body to keep strong, and do all I can to prevent illness and promote longevity!

Vegan it is! I guess I've known what I should do for a while, but didn't want to put in the time... time passes anyway! I also did not believe it, knew it, but not really believed it until now. And until you really believe something, you cannot change your life to follow it. (Just like religion and anything else.) I'm disgusted with our government, the food pyramid (hah), the animal farms, and the crap that is allowed to put $ in politicians pockets (none of them care about me, my family and our health, so I will!!) the school lunches that are "nutritious" for our kids... when was the last time you saw a school lunch? We have NOT had school lunch even once this school year, and will not ever again, it is a joke! These are a few of my fav's that have a TON of great info, watch,learn, enjoy, or be sick inside yet realize you deserve better like me!

Before we left town for our winter holiday I gutted our cupboards, emptied our fridge, I was ready, and our home was ready for us! I went shopping and OLD HABITS DIE HARD, once again I totally over bought! It was all healthy, veggies, fruits, but WAY TOO MUCH. I bought cutting boards and little knives for the family to eat with. I put away the mixing bowls, the cookie sheets, and replaced them with my blenders, juicers, steamers and grill! Little buddy is already enjoying juicing his own apple juice! So get ready for a great year, I am! xo



Kendrick and Karlee Passey said...

You amaze me Sara. Your determination should be shared. Dieting never works. I have learned that the hard way. I am committed to food and exercise to create the lasting changes in my life. Simply put, you inspire me!!!